Is there anyone I can speak to for support in BU accommodation? Does BU provide accommodation for couples? What can I do about feeling isolated in my student accommodation? What is ResLifeBU? How do I change my accommodation booking bus pass choice? How long is the course that I will be studying so I can book my accommodation ? Where can I get some compostable bin bags? Is it possible to transfer to another accommodation? Am I guaranteed accommodation if I defer my course offer? I have problems with my internet connection in my accommodation. Where can I get help? How do I report maintenance issues in my accommodation? Can I smoke in my room? Is there parking for students at BU Accommodation? Updating your address and contact details I would like to cancel my accommodation booking. Can you book my accommodation for me? I want to live with my friend. What are my options? The accommodation I want is not available. What are my options? I need an en-suite bathroom due to medical / health issues and there are none left. What do I do? I am a mature student. Can I apply for accommodation? I am doing a Nursing/Midwifery/ODP course. Can I live in Halls? I will be starting in January. Do you have accommodation for me? When will I get my deposit back? What size bed do I have at my accommodation? How many people will I be sharing with? Can I bring my pet? I have lost my log in details for the Accommodation Portal. Can you help? I am coming from another university so I won't be in my first year. Can I apply for accommodation? I have to go on placement. Can I break my accommodation contract? Can I appeal an accommodation deposit deduction? Where do I hand in my keys when I leave my accommodation? What do we do if we have an emergency and the office is closed? I don't need to be here for the last term. Do I still need to pay my rent? Who can I complain to about my accommodation? Can I decorate my room? Can I book BU accommodation again next year? Can I stay in university accommodation for the summer? When does my accommodation contract finish? Where is the Accommodation Office? What happens if I lose my keys or lock myself out? Can I leave my accommodation but stay at University? What if I withdraw from University and want to leave my accommodation? What if I don't get on with my housemates? Do I need a TV licence? Can I have overnight guests / visitors? Do I have to move out in the holidays? Can I view the accommodation before picking a room? Will I be housed with students from my own country? Do you have single sex accommodation? Do you have enough accommodation for everyone? How can I travel to the University? What colour is my bedroom? Is there a laundry room? What facilities are included in the university accommodation? What does the BU accommodation hall insurance cover? Are there cleaners in the Halls, and will my room be cleaned? Where do I collect my keys? When can I move into university accommodation? I have a disability. Can you provide me with accommodation? I want to bring my family. Is there any suitable accommodation available? Are the Halls of Residence catered? Where should I live or where do you think is best? What is included in my rent? I have made Bournemouth University my insurance choice. Will I get accommodation? Can I apply for accommodation if I live locally? How much is the rent for Bournemouth University accommodation? When do I have to pay my accommodation deposit/Rent Instalment 1? Will I get my deposit back or is it taken off my rent? How much is the deposit for my accommodation? Do I get a selection of rooms to choose from? What do I need to bring with me? Will I be guaranteed BU Student accommodation 2020? How do I apply for accommodation? I would like to make a complaint about drugs within my accommodation.