FAQ 2891
What can I do about feeling isolated in my student accommodation?

Coming to university for the first time can be very daunting and at some point, to differing degrees, most students will feel a bit homesick, anxious, stressed and sometimes, going unchecked, could even experience more serious mental health issues, such as depression.

The ResLifeBU Welfare Coordinators are there to assist those who might be experiencing difficulties during their time here. Initially they can offer a friendly face to speak to about what you might be experiencing, or in some cases, simply make a referral to the ResLifeBU Assistants team to invite you to some of their activities and events, to get you involved in your community. They regularly update their Facebook page with all of their upcoming events and activities. Alternatively, they could signpost you to other welfare services that BU provides.

Other great ways to meet people at university can be through the events that the Students’ Union host or by joining a club or society in an area that interests you; there are over 100 to choose from.

There's more information and resources about support for your wellbeing whilst you're studying at BU on the health and wellbeing pages of our website.