FAQ 3144
Where can I find student accommodation?

Below are some useful links and advice regarding finding suitable student accommodation in the local area. If you have not done so already, you could try the following:

  • Our Unilet properties are large shared houses that are fully furnished that you can rent in the same way you would in a purpose-built hall of residence. They are managed by BU so we will be your landlord and will ensure good standards. 

  • Look at the private rental market to see if you can find a suitable accommodation through letting agents. Please see our Private rental accommodation page for further details and advice.
  • Check the Local Host List which can be supplied by our Residential Services team - this is a list of local homeowners who offer rooms/studios to BU students. Please be aware that BU does not validate or inspect any of these people or houses and they are not associated with BU in any way. This list is provided as information only. You will need to contact the landlords directly to find out about renting their room. Please note that some of the rooms could have been filled already and prices are subject to change as we do not receive regular updates from these homeowners

Further information is available on our BU Website.

You should also utilise our Home Finders Checklist that provides useful information and guidance on looking for accommodation in the private sector.

If you have any questions about your search then you can contact our Residential Services team.