FAQ 543
What if I withdraw from University and want to leave my accommodation?

Halls of Residence/UNILET - Your accommodation contract will have conditions related to terminating your agreement early. You should read your accommodation contract carefully and speak to your accommodation provider to find out if this is possible. You can find full details about this process and contact details on our accommodation webpages.

LettingsBU and Private Accommodation - You will probably have signed an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement and your landlord can hold you to your contractual liabilities. You should contact your landlord/letting agent to find out if you are able to terminate your contract early. If you have arranged your accommodation through LettingsBU, you can contact our Residential Services for guidance.

SUBU Advice can help students understand their housing rights and responsibilities. 

For further important information on withdrawing, please visit our Thinking of Leaving BU? web page