Can I get the BU DSA Support Fund? How much will UK tuition fees be for UG courses starting in 2021-22? I am an HSS student. Can I get the additional £5,000 support from September 2020? Can I get an NHS Student Bursary? What happens to my student finance if I withdraw from my course? How can I apply to the Placement Opportunity Fund? What funding can I get if I'm taking a break from my studies? Professional and Career Development Loans Can I get a Bursary if I'm a part time student? Can I get financial support from the government to study at doctoral level? I have a sponsor who wants to pay my fees. How do I arrange this? What can I claim from the NHS Learning Support Fund? Is there any financial support that I can apply for while I am on placement? How do I contact my bursary/scholarship pre-paid card provider? Repeating units whilst on placement What financial support can I get? Is there any financial support available to help with placement costs? Cash Office opening hours Where can I get information about student finance support? Scholarships BU Student Scholarships Thinking of leaving BU? Where can I find out about funding for PhD / postgraduate study? Is there any financial allowance if I have a sibling still in education? Does BU offer any additional support (apart from Bursaries and Scholarships)? How is household income assessed if my parents are separated? Will I get the student loan for the sandwich placement year? When will my money be loaded onto my Bursary/ Scholarship Card? Can I have a loan for a Postgraduate degree? What is the Sophie Drozdzik Memorial Scholarship? How do I know whether the University has confirmed my attendance to Student Finance England (SFE)? Is there any placement funding available? (UK & EU students) I am having difficulty paying my tuition fees. How can I get help? Council Tax Exemption whilst interrupting study Am I eligible to apply for a Scholarship? Can I get financial support, as my family has a low income? Is there any financial support for care leavers? Is there any help if my Student Loan / Grant or NHS Bursary is late arriving? Is there any additional help available if my Student Loan / Grant or Bursary doesn’t cover my essential outgoings? I have no money. Is there emergency help available? What is the decision process for awarding scholarships? How do I apply for Undergraduate student finance? When can I apply for Undergraduate student finance? I have already studied an Undergraduate degree. Am I eligible for student finance to fund another? I am classed as a mature student. What funding help can I get? Does BU have any bursaries I can apply for? Can I get funding towards childcare? When will I get my student finance loan?