FAQ 2344
Warning of a telephone scam directed at international students

The University has been advised that a 'scam' is in operation and has been targeting International students by telephoning them and claiming to be from the Home Office. We are aware of one of our international students has been called by one of these scam calls, and the caller was very convincing, so please be aware that:

- The call will be made by a person who claims that they are calling from the Home Office

- They may tell you their telephone number (020 7035 4848) and ask you to verify it by checking on the www.gov.uk website

- This same phone number will be on the Home Office website

- In addition, the caller ID on your phone may show this number (020 7035 4848)

- The caller will have your full name, postcode in the UK and passport number, and the caller will ask you to confirm that the details are correct.  We have made the Home Office aware of this.

 - The caller will then proceed to tell you that you have broken an immigration rule or not paid for an immigration service, and will tell you that you have to pay a fine. The money asked for has been between £500 - £1500.

- They will tell you that if you do not pay they will report you to the Police and/or the Home Office who will detain you or deport you

- If you do not comply with their requests, the caller will become increasingly insistent and verbally aggressive.


We understand that you may feel anxious or afraid; however, it is not Home Office policy to ring applicants and demand payment.  Therefore it is extremely likely that this is a scam and the caller is trying to steal your money.

Please do not let the caller frighten or intimidate you. Instead, try to remain calm and:

- Tell the caller that you are aware that there is a 'scam' that targets international students, and that your University has told you NOT to pay any money

- Tell the caller that you are authorising them to email the University and explain in the email what is needed from you

- Please note - you do not need to give them an email address as the Home Office has the email addresses to contact us at the University. If the caller is a genuine Home Office member of staff they will be happy to email the University directly.

IMPORTANT: If the caller becomes aggressive or abusive after you inform them that the University has requested that you do NOT pay them any money, hang up the phone immediately. Contact Askbu@bournemouth.ac.uk informing us of a 'SCAM CALL FROM THE HOME OFFICE' with all the information you have. 

We hope that you do not receive a call, but if you do, please follow our instructions above.