FAQ 1988
When will my money be loaded onto my Bursary/ Scholarship Card?

Funds are uploaded onto the Bursary/Scholarship prepaid cards on a monthly basis over 9 months, from October to June. 

The credit is uploaded on the first working Monday of each month, but can take until Wednesday for the funds to show in your account. If you receive your prepaid card after the initial load date, you may receive a later payment.  

Further information regarding scholarship and bursary eligibility can be viewed on our Scholarship and bursary web pages

To log in to your online Bursary / Scholarship card account, please visit www.spree-card.com/BUBSPR/Home/Login

When you first receive your card, you will need to go online at the above address to activate it. 

You will also need to notify BU to confirm receipt of the card, before your first payment can be uploaded.  To confirm receipt please log in to MyHub and tick the box to say you've received the card

Please note: Bursary/Scholarship payments are loaded on the first working Monday; this means that if there is a bank holiday on the first Monday of a month, the payment will not be uploaded until the following Monday.

Please contact AskBU if you have any questions.