FAQ 2208
Am I eligible for a BU Student Scholarship?

To apply for scholarship you must first apply to study at BU.

To apply for a course please visit the Bournemouth University website.

You can then see the website for details of Undergraduate Scholarships and Postgraduate Scholarships.

You will need to look carefully to check that you meet the criteria set for the particular scholarship.

You may be required to:

• Be entering the course at a particular time

• Be from a particular country

• Have studied at a particular university

• Be studying a specific course

• Have achieved a particular academic outcome in your previous study.

You can apply for more than one scholarship, if you meet the requirements. However, if you are successful, you will only be awarded one.  

BU Academic Excellence Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded automatically. If you think you may be eligible for this award but do not receive a confirmation when you enrol at BU, please contact AskBU Students' Service on 01202 969696 or askbu@bournemouth.ac.uk. You will need to do this on or before 31 January (September entry) or 30 June (January entry).