Is there anyone I can speak to for support in BU accommodation? Can I bring my service dog to University? Diabetes support at BU Impact of Brexit on BU students Wellbeing help and support for students (during vacations) Wellbeing help and support for students I'm pregnant; where can I get support? How do I access local sexual health services? What can I do about feeling isolated in my student accommodation? What is ResLifeBU? How do I arrange my Hepatitis B vaccination? Where can I get support? Are there alternatives to seeking support other than face-to-face? What should I do if I can't get through to the Medical Centre? What should I do if I am being bullied or harassed at BU? Where can I find BU's policies on Dignity, Diversity and Equality? What is the Religion and Belief Policy at BU? Is there a Chaplaincy at BU? I have been the victim of a crime; where can I find some support? Can international students use the NHS? How do I contact the BU Neighbourhood Police team? Thinking of leaving BU? I have been assaulted or attacked. Where should I go for help? How can I find out about changing my course? I need some advice about a personal problem I am ill and cannot attend uni today - what do I need to do? I am having problems coping with demands of the course due to personal circumstances. What can I do? How do I find and register with a doctor? Can I get financial help with the cost of dental treatment? What is Student Wellbeing? How do I find a dentist? What should I do if I have an infectious / contagious illness?