FAQ 2936
Wellbeing help and support for students

There are various help and wellbeing support services available at BU:

> Student Wellbeing - Offering a range of professional support including; support from a Wellbeing Adviser, support from a counsellor, drop-in support, and workshops

SUBU Advice - Impartial, independent and confidential advice from specially trained members of Bournemouth University's Students' Union Advice Team

Student Support and Engagement Team – A team member in your faculty who are there if you just want a quick chat about something getting you down, or you’re struggling with a bigger issue

Faith & Reflection Team - Available to listen to you, offer spiritual support and care, answer your questions and help you to grow. They have an open door policy and are happy to welcome you whether you have a faith or not.

Welfare Coordinators in BU managed accommodation

> We also have a very helpful Resources section on the website which has information that you may also find helpful including signposting to external organisations.

You may also find the Exceptional Circumstances page of our website as this may be important in the future if you feel that your circumstances may be adversely affecting your academic performance. 

Outside opening hours and during vacations

For details of our vacation periods please see the Academic dates page of our website.

Local and online support services you can access

Big White Wall is free to sign up with your BU email address. Offering a confidential and anonymous online mental health and wellbeing service, designed so you can connect with a supportive community of other users dealing with similar issues, and so you can use online programmes and resources to help you understand what you’re going through and how to help alleviate the symptoms.

NHS Dorset Access Mental Health - If you are struggling to cope or feel yourself nearing a breakdown, Access Mental Health is there to provide help. You don’t need to be referred by your GP or other health professional, you can just reach out for help when you need it. Mental health professionals and peer support workers will be on hand to help you avoid a crisis and help you find the path to recovery.

Hub of Hope will give you accesses to lots of services within the Bournemouth area - just add in your postcode.

Samaritans - available 24/7 365 days of the year.

Some handy apps you might find useful

Pacifica: Provides daily tools for managing stress/anxiety/depression, and has been developed by psychologists to provide online treatments based on techniques such as CBT and mindfulness. (compatible with IOS & Android)

RelaxLite: Focuses on guided meditation and breathing techniques to help alleviate stress & anxiety. (compatible with IOS & Android)

Youper: Provides a personal assistant who you can message 24/7. Through talking with the personal assistant, it keeps an automated diary of day to day feelings/thoughts, and also tracks your mood. This can be used to try and determine patterns/triggers. It also gives information about what anxiety is, and the different types. (compatible with IOS & Android)