Can I get the BU DSA Support Fund? Can I bring my service dog to University? How do I access Additional Learning Support (ALS)? Where can I find out about Dorset Autism and Aspergers Support Meetings? I was in receipt of Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) before I went on placement. I am back at university now so do I need to apply again? If I need an Educational Psychology Assessment, what does this mean? How do I indicate that I have ALS Marking Guidelines for online assessment? Will exam concessions apply for in-class tests? Will I still have Marking Guidelines applied for group work and online assessments as well as for course work? Will I be in a different room for exams? What is Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA)? Do you provide proof reading and transcription services? The laptop I received from the DSA has broken so what should I do now? I am starting a Master's Course so will my Disabled Student's Allowance (DSA) continue? How do I indicate on my work submitted online that I have ALS Marking Guidelines? I receive ALS support. What happens if I have a health problem or cannot write on the day of an exam? Can I leave the exam room during the exam? What do I need to know about having a reader or scribe? What is meant by a team approach when supporting a disabled student on placement? As an ALS student will I be in a different room for exams and how will I be notified? As an ALS student can I use Excel for exams? As an ALS student do I have to use a PC if I have been given this adjustment? If I have to bring in supportive material prepared beforehand and I use a PC, can I bring it in on a USB? If my ALS adjustments are not correct, what should I do? What support can I receive from an ALS Mentor? How can an Additional Learning Support Tutor support my learning? What can I take into an ALS exam room? As an ALS student, what should I do if I cannot attend an exam on the day ? As an ALS student will I have my exam concessions? I am an Additional Learning Support (ALS) student. When will I get my exam timetable? Who is responsible for funding adjustments on work placements? What is meant by Neurodiversities and Specific Learning Differences? Will exam concessions apply for in-class tests, and who will arrange the room/invigilator? Can I take anything from the exam room? I have dyslexia. Is that being taken into account when my work is marked? As an ALS candidate, can I select my preferred seat in an ALS exam room?