FAQ 2110
Do you provide proof reading and transcription services?

We do not provide a proof reading and transcription service.  

If you have a disability, you may find that the DSA will pay for these services. Our Tutors will model proof reading strategies with you. Contact ALS for more information.

If English is not your first language, Paul Barnes, Languages Adviser, can offer some support. He is unable to proof read your work but is willing to read a short extract and comment on grammar and spelling. Contact him by emailing languagesupport@bournemouth.ac.uk

For details of some online sources which offer hints on how to draft, edit and proof read your own work, please see our Academic Writing study skills guide.

Alternatively students can use their own private proof reading services, like proof-check.com or The Brown Fox Bureau. These services operate independently from BU and cannot be recommended or endorsed.