What does my degree classification mean? How do I find my feedback in Turnitin? I am applying for a postgraduate course and have been asked for my predicted grades on a transcript. Can you help? I had an extension on my project. When will I get my final results? When are the exam resits? Do you provide proof reading and transcription services? As an ALS student, what should I do if I cannot attend an exam on the day ? How can I get my dissertation bound? What happens if I can't attend an examination? Can I resit my exam to improve the result even though I passed on the first attempt? How can I speak to my dissertation supervisor? Can I collect my work without my Student ID Card? Can I have access to the resubmission brief earlier in the summer? Where, when and what time will my exam be held? How and when will I receive my results for my course? What should I do if I have a query? What happens if I fail an exam or piece of coursework? My friend collected my work for me and has lost it. How can I get a copy? How do I submit my assignment online? I am not happy with the mark for my assignment. Can I appeal? I am worried about my units as I didn’t attend some seminars and failed to submit some work. Who should I send my Exceptional Circumstances to? How much does it cost to take an exam overseas? Can I take my exams or resits overseas? How much do resit exams cost? How do I get an extension for my assignment? Can I use Bournemouth University as an external exam venue? Where can I find information about exams?