FAQ 706
I am not happy with the mark for my assignment. Can I appeal?

If you are not happy with your mark, you should first contact your Lecturer and make an appointment to go through your work so that they can explain why the work did not achieve a higher mark.

If following this you feel you have grounds to make an appeal, information regarding our appeals procedure and available support can be found on our Making an Appeal web page.

You can only appeal against your academic results if you believe there has been a material irregularity or significant administrative error in the assessment process; if the assessment wasn't conducted in accordance with the regulations for the programme; or if your performance was affected by illness or other factors which, for valid reason(s), you were unable to divulge before the meeting of the assessment board.  The BU Appeals procedure does not allow students to question academic judgement.

For information on the Appeals Procedure, including how & when you are able to make an appeal, please visit the Important Information page on our website