FAQ 710
How do I submit my assignment online?

The majority of assessed work at BU is submitted online via Turnitin, which is accessible through Brightspace. For written assignments you will receive constructive and timely feedback through the ‘Feedback Studio’ also provided by Turnitin.

To submit an assignment, select a unit from the Brightspace homepage then click on ‘Assignment Submission’ in the unit navigation bar; ensure that any file requirements explained in the instructions are met and upload your assignment.

Further support for assignment submission is available by clicking ‘Help’ in the navigation bar on the Brightspace homepage.

What if there's a problem

If you're experiencing technical problems when submitting online then you must contact the IT Service Desk immediately and before the deadline. You must not just wait and do nothing. You'll be given an Incident Number, make sure you keep a record of it. The IT Service Desk will then advise you what to do next.

Important: If you have trouble submitting online and do not log the issue with the IT Service Desk, it will be assumed that you have not completed the assignment.

University Regulations state that if you have not been formally granted an extension by your Programme Coordinator/Level Tutor then late submissions will be penalised. For further information please refer to the assessment regulations for your course.

How to contact the IT Service Desk

If you're having problems submitting an assignment via Brightspace:

  • Call 01202 965515 off-campus, or 65515 on-campus. It’s best to call, especially if it’s close to the deadline.

  • You can log a problem online too: https://itservices.bournemouth.ac.uk/

  • Make sure you explain that it is an online submission issue. If using the online option, please make sure you add the words Online Submission to the Details field.

  • Online submission problems are a top priority and will be resolved as quickly as possible: The IT Service Desk team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Checking draft assignments

Originality reports for draft assignments can be viewed by uploading your assignment file to the ‘Turnitin Draft Checker’ which can be found on the Brightspace homepage.