FAQ 1713
How can I invite my international family and friends for a visit or to attend my Graduation?

Please note that the information below is for guidance purposes only. Although every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, we strongly recommend you visit www.gov.uk/visas-immigration for the most up-to-date information. 

The following information advises you on how to invite your family members or friends to visit you during your studies or to attend your graduation ceremony. 

If any of your family members or guests wishes to come to the UK to visit you, they will need to apply for a Standard Visitor Visa. Please ensure you check the latest UK government travel guidance for entering England. Please note that your guests should NOT apply for a ‘Family Visitor’ visa. That is only for visiting the UK to see family members who are permanently settled in the UK. Such visa applications will be refused. 

Your guests will need to apply for their visas individually using the specified forms and supporting documents listed on the above Home Office website. 

The documents that you can support your guests’ visitor visa applications with are the following: 

1. a copy of your current UK visa; and 

2. an invitation letter written by yourself stating the purpose of your guests’ visit and some further information. To help you write this letter, we have prepared a template letter that is attached to this email. You can change the highlighted parts in the attached letter as appropriate, sign it and send it to your guests (separate copies for each guest); and 

3. Depending on your current status on your BU course, you will also need to give your guests either: 

a. a student status letter from AskBU, if you are still studying your BU course, or 

b. a student status letter from AskBU confirming your course has finished, and you are now only waiting for results, or 

c. a student status letter from AskBU confirming your course has finished, you have received your final results (but not the outcome) and you are eligible to graduate; or 

d. a copy of your final result letter. Please note that this letter will be given to you by your academic school after the final exam board; AskBU cannot issue this letter to you. 

Please note that all of these letters mention graduation and could be used to invite guests to attend your graduation ceremony. However, the letters that confirm that you are eligible to attend that year’s graduation are the last two letters. 

To request a student status letter please complete the online request form

You may need to give your guests more documents e.g. your bank statements, if your guests are going to stay in your accommodation and/or you are going to pay for their stay/transportation/food etc. If this is the case please read the information on the Standard Visitor Visa website

Once you have all these documents ready, you need to post/courier the hard copies to your guests. The Home Office does not accept electronic copies of any documents unless they specifically say that. After this, it is your guests' responsibility to make their visa applications at the relevant Visa Application Centre in their country. 

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