FAQ 2368
Repeating units whilst on placement

Students are usually permitted to repeat 1 unit (20 credits) whilst on their placement year. Very exceptionally this could be two units (40 credits) but this decision is at the discretion of an Assessment Board and will only apply in some cases of Exceptional Circumstances. 

Our Assessment regulations are published on our Important Information page. The rules regarding Progression onto the next level of a course for undergraduates are published in document 6A Standard Assessment Regulations - Undergraduate under section 8 for Progression and section 12 for Carrying Credit.  If you have any query regarding how these regulations apply to you, please contact your Programme Support Officer. 

The tuition fee will be charged as the placement fee, regardless of the number of units being repeated i.e. you will not be charged for the unit repeat fee. 

Students on placement will be able to apply for placement funding which usually consists of a reduced fixed rate maintenance loan, as well as the Tuition/Placement Fee Loan.