Where can I get some compostable bin bags? Is it possible to transfer to another accommodation? What if I want to transfer or withdraw from my accommodation? Summer Lettings Am I guaranteed accommodation if I defer my course offer? I have problems with my internet connection in my accommodation. Where can I get help? How do I report maintenance issues? Can I smoke in my room? Is there parking for students at BU Accommodation? Can I move into my accommodation before the start of the academic year? I am a mature student. Can I apply for accommodation? What size bed do I have at my accommodation? How many people will I be sharing with? Can I bring my pet? Where do I hand in my keys when I leave my accommodation? What do we do if we have an emergency and the office is closed? Who can I complain to about my accommodation? Can I decorate my room? Can I book BU accommodation again next year? Can I stay in university accommodation for the summer? Where is the Accommodation Office? What happens if I lose my keys or lock myself out? What if I don't get on with my housemates? Do I need a TV licence? Can I have overnight guests / visitors? Do I have to move out in the holidays? How do I get to campus? What colour is my bedroom? Is there a laundry room? What facilities are included in the university accommodation? Are there cleaners in the Halls, and will my room be cleaned? When can I arrive at my university accommodation? Are the Halls of Residence catered? What do I need to bring with me?