Is it possible to transfer to another accommodation? What if I want to transfer or withdraw from my accommodation? Am I guaranteed accommodation if I defer my course offer? Do you have a waiting list for accommodation? How do I know if I am eligible to book accommodation? When can I book my accommodation? Can I wait until the next release of rooms to get the accommodation I want? I want to live with my friend. What are my options? The accommodation I want is not available. What are my options? Can I move into my accommodation before the start of the academic year? There is no accommodation for families or couples. What are my options? I'm an insurance / clearing student and I don't have my accommodation login details. What do I do? I need an en-suite bathroom due to medical / health issues and there are none left. What do I do? I have missed my time window / release period for booking for accommodation. What do I do? I am a mature student. Can I apply for accommodation? I will be starting in January or February. Do you have accommodation for me? I haven't got accommodation yet. What should I do? What size bed do I have at my accommodation? How many people will I be sharing with? How do I confirm my accommodation booking? I have lost my log in details for the Accommodation Portal. Can you help? What are the accommodation options? I am coming from another university so I won't be in my first year. Can I apply for accommodation? Can I view the accommodation before picking a room? Will I be housed with students from my own country? Do you have single sex accommodation? Do you have enough accommodation for everyone? I have a disability. Can you provide me with accommodation? I want to bring my family. Is there any suitable accommodation available? Where should I live or where do you think is best? I have made Bournemouth University my insurance choice. Will I get accommodation? Can I apply for accommodation if I'm local (September 2018)? Do I get a selection of rooms to choose from? Am I guaranteed BU managed accommodation 2018? How do I apply for accommodation?