FAQ 3117
I cannot find any accommodation on the BU portfolio, what can I do?

If you choose BU as your insurance choice, or apply through clearing then you will not be guaranteed a room in the BU student accommodation portfolio; please see our Accommodation Guarantee. However you will be able to log into the Accommodation Portal to keep looking for any cancellations; if the rooms are full then you can email us at accommodation@bournemouth.ac.uk and request to join the waiting list; please note this will not guarantee you accommodation with BU.

To help you with your search for alternative accommodation, we have put together this guide on How to look for private accommodation in the local area.

We will do everything we can to support you in securing long-term accommodation for the duration of the academic year 2022/23,  but if you have not found long term accommodation by the start of the academic year, BU will provide an 'Accommodation Bursary' to support you with your living costs. As part of the Accommodation Bursary you will automatically be added to the accommodation waiting list to be given priority for BU accommodation on a first-come, first-served basis.