FAQ 3035
Where can I find details of the No Detriment policy?

FAQs relating to the No Detriment policy can be viewed on our website with additional FAQs below:

Q: Is it possible for a student to select which assessments completed after 15th March are included in their final level average?

Answer: No. Marks for all formal assessments completed throughout the academic year will be included in the final level average calculation as normal. This final level average will then be compared to the 15th March level average and the most advantageous outcome for the student will be awarded.

Q: What do I need to do to progress to the next stage of my programme?

Answer: You need to achieve all 120 credits (for UG programmes) to progress to the next stage of your programme.

Q: A project or dissertation worth 60 credits has completed assessment for a small % of its marks prior to 15th March. Does 'no detriment' mean that this is the mark that will be awarded for the unit if it is higher than the final unit mark?

Answer: No. The mark for the part assessed prior to 15th March can contribute to the 15th March level average (though it has not yet been decided exactly how this will be calculated). All assessment marks will contribute to the final level average (including those prior to 15th March) in the normal way. The final level average will be compared to the 15th March average and the higher of the two level averages will be awarded. No detriment is applied to the level average not individual unit marks.