FAQ 3007
How will I get my Bursary / Scholarship Card?

If you have been awarded a Bursary / Scholarship from BU, you will be notified by email. The funds will be paid to you via a pre-paid card.

The cards are posted out to the term time address on your student record (myHub) by our card issuing company. 

Once you receive the card, you will need to log in to MyHub to confirm that you've received the card before any funds are loaded.

Your card also needs to be activated online before it can be used. Full instructions are issued with the card.

Payments are loaded onto the cards on the first Monday of each month from October to June (9 equal instalments). The funds may take up to 2 days to show in your account.

You can check your balance at your online account with our card provider: www.spree-card.com/BUBSPR/Home/Login