FAQ 300
I have printed a document but it has not released. What can I do?

On Printer:

  1. Press Job Status button
  2. The job should show in the Active Jobs list with the Job Status 'Resources Required'
  3. Touch the print job to show the menu, select 'Details...'
  4. This will open the Job Details window showing the paper tray and size selected
  5. Close the Job Details window
  6. Touch the print job to show the menu, select 'Delete'

    On your computer:

  7. Open the document you were trying to print
  8. Open Print menu
  9. Change any paper settings within the application settings to match those in the print device
  10. Select Printer Properties to view print driver settings
  11. Ensure Paper settings are set to their defaults
  12. Fit to New Size > Off
  13. Other Color > Automatically Selected
  14. Other Type > Automatically Selected
  15. Select By Tray > Automatically Select (Recommended)

Print a single page of the document as a test.

If that single page prints correctly, you can then re-print document as required.

You may also need to check if you have print credit available.