FAQ 2910
How do I set up my academic timetable?

Your class list and timetable information will be available before the start of term. Once the release dates are available we'll post them as an announcement in Brightspace and our social media channels, including @BournemouthuniStudents on Facebook.

When your timetable is available you’ll need to complete a few quick steps to set it up:

1. Check the seminar group lists for your seminar group by clicking your faculty area from the Brightspace homepage, then select 'seminar group lists'. You’ll need to know your level of study - these are classified as follows: Level 4 = Year 1, Level 5 = Year 2, Level 6 = Final year or Top-up degree year, Level 7 = Master's taught courses.

2. Once you know your seminar group and level of study you can set up your timetable from the Brightspace homepage by clicking on ‘Useful links’ and then ‘Timetables’. You can access your timetable from the same place whenever you need to check your lecture/seminar schedule.

Note: If you're taking option units but can't see the groups for those units when you first set up your timetable, try clicking on a different year and then back to your year of study. When you choose your core seminar group the option groups you need to select from should appear.

3. Once your timetable is set up you will then be able to view it via the University app ‘iBU’. You may need to logout and login to the app to do this.

You will also notice a calendar within Brightspace, please note that this does not include your lecture/seminar schedule.