FAQ 2847
How do I replace a lost/stolen/damaged Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)?

Lost/stolen/damaged BRPs need to be reported to the Home Office within one month, and applications for a replacement BRP need to be made within three months. This is to avoid the civil penalty of £1000.

Occasionally, lost or stolen BRPs are handed back to Bournemouth University, and therefore we advise that you do not report your BRP lost or stolen to the Home office too soon; reported BRPs are cancelled by the Home Office within a day, and these BRPs cannot be reactivated.

If your BRP was stolen, also report this to the Police and make sure you get a crime reference number.

Lost/stolen/damaged BRPs must immediately be reported to the BU Immigration Compliance and Advice Team at AskBU. 

You will need to support your BRP replacement application with a student status letter that also confirms your current address, which you can request from AskBU online.

The online form to replace your BRP is on the Home Office website and it will take you though all the steps you need to take.