FAQ 2353
Querying a book on my library borrower number

If your library borrower record shows that you have a book on loan that you think you have already returned (or never borrowed), please contact us as soon as you notice this.

We will then log it as an "Item Query" which will result in the following action:

-    The item you have queried will be shelf-checked by library staff the next working day, and weekly thereafter.

-    If we find the item on the shelves, it will be discharged from your record.

-    If the item has still not been found at 6 weeks overdue (I.E. after numerous shelf-checks at both sites), we will write to you informing you of this.

-    Two weeks from the date of that letter, you will be sent an account for the cost of a replacement copy. 

-    Borrowing is allowed while an Item Query is on your record. If and when it becomes an "account", borrowing rights are suspended.