FAQ 2306
Lost property

If you have lost any property or valuables on Talbot Campus, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Poole House Reception; this is where most lost property will be delivered to by university staff if it is found
  2. Ask at The Base. Occasionally items will be handed in here, particularly if a student card is within a purse/wallet that's been handed in
  3. Ask at the Library. If you lost it in there, it will likely be handed in to the staff on the Help Desk on the ground floor
  4. Ask at SUBU Reception. All lost property on campus will go to SUBU Reception once it has been held at another location for 3 days or more.

If you have lost property or valuables on Lansdowne Campus, please follow these steps:

  1. If you are in Bournemouth House Library, please visit the Help Zone, as property is handed in at this desk and held for collection
  2. Go to the reception of the building that you were in when your property was lost,  as all lost property should go to the reception of the building in which it is found and is kept there for three days. After this period of time, property is then taken to the SUBU Reception on the Talbot Campus

If you cannot find your property on campus, you can report your property lost or stolen through ReportMyLoss.comThis website is for any lost/stolen property lost in the UK/EU. You can also use it to report your student card as stolen and create a crime reference number in order to get a free replacement from AskBU.

If you have lost property at The Old Fire Station you can report what has been lost at The Old Fire Station by using the Report Lost Property Online web form.  A member of staff from the Old Firestation will then respond to the enquiry.