FAQ 2301
NSS Survey FAQs

How do I log in to the NSS (National Student Survey)?

You will need to log on with your student ID number, not your username.  This number will be printed on your student ID card.

How do I claim my voucher?

* Once you have completed the NSS you'll receive a thank you email.  This will emailed to your BU address, but please check your personal email if you cannot locate it.

* Forward the above email to nssvoucher@bournemouth.ac.uk

* Love2shop will email you asking for your address so they can post out a paper voucher which you can spend in store  .

Why does it say I'm not eligible?

As the NSS is an assessment of Undergraduate final year students' overall experience throughout the whole course, IPSOS Mori (the company that organises the NSS) set the parameters for who can complete the NSS to exclude the following:

* Top up students

* Direct entry from another university 

* Non-standard starters e.g. Health and Social Science (HSS) February starters.

There are also a few anomalies where a student may appear to be dormant for an academic year even though they were on a placement.


What other ways can I feed back about my course?

Mid-unit Student Evaluation (MUSE) later this semester and/or via your student representative.


I'm a postgraduate student - what do I complete? 

Later this semester we will be circulating the Postgraduate Taught/Research Experience Surveys (PTES/PRES).

How can I claim my voucher after completing the survey by phone?

The NSS organisers Ipsos Mori may start calling eligible students who haven’t yet completed the survey. If they complete it by phone, they won’t receive a confirmation email. In this instance, students can still claim their voucher by emailing nssvoucher@bournemouth.ac.uk from their BU account with their Student ID (4 number, not their i or s number).