FAQ 2294
Can I access Brightspace (VLE) and my BU email account after I have graduated?

Your access to Brightspace (VLE) will expire 90 days after you are sent your final results and your BU email account will be accessible for up to 3 years after completion.

If you are a past student you can access your BU email account via the http://outlook.com/bournemouth.ac.uk or click the 'Student Email' link on the log-in page of the BU website.

If you don't use your account for six months, it may be disabled, even before the 3 years have elapsed. You should be emailed by IT prior to this happening and you can request that it is re-enabled if needed, up to the 3 year cut off.

If you have had your email account disabled without notice after the 3 year cut off, IT may be able to arrange temporary access so that you can forward or download the necessary information. 

You can contact IT if you require your account to be re-enabled. 

Further information for Alumni: 

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