FAQ 2072
How can I change my name on my student record?

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Thank you for your enquiry

Your Award Certificates will be printed using your full legal name (including middle names) as recorded on the student record system at the time the results were ratified at the Assessment Board. You can check your name on MyHub under the ‘Personal Details’ section and if your name is incorrect please check below to find out if/how you can get this changed.

All students invited to Graduation will have been notified of the deadline for notifiying us of any change of name and information will have been provided on MyHub.

You should advise us of any change of name before Monday 7th October 2024

To update your name in time for it to be corrected for your graduation and award certificate, please contact AskBU before your Assessment Board has taken place with an item from the following list: 

• Passport 

• Birth certificate

• Statutory declaration

• Deed poll (change of name deed)

• Marriage certificate

• Civil partnership certificate

• Divorce decree absolute

Transgender Policy Name Change

We will need your current ID, for example a passport see the Student Names policy above for acceptable evidence and a statutory declaration relating to the name change. You will not need to supply a Gender Reassignment Certificate.