FAQ 2036
What happens if I can’t find a placement?

Don't give up! Speak to yourPlacement Coordinator, as it is important that you keep in regular contact for advice and guidance.  


It can sometimes take longer than expected to find a suitable placement. Most courses have a mandatory placement so you will be referred to your Programme Support Officer (PSO) if you are unable to secure a placement, to check on your course regulations. If it is an optional placement, you will be switched to the full-time course version, and you would then be notified by your faculty or the PSO. For more information visit the find a placement webpage. 

All the latest vacancies and useful online resources are in MyCareerHub, where you can also find links to various online job sites. If you need advice or help with job search and application, appointments with Careers Consultants are available. You can book appointments online via MyCareerHub, by email to careers@bournemouth.ac.uk.