FAQ 1485
Where can I get my documents certified?

In order to make sure you obtain the correct documents, please read the information below which outlines the different options.

Certified photocopies provided by Bournemouth University (Certificates only)

Please return your original certificate, along with a cover letter explaining what you require and where to return your documents, to the Student Lifecycle Team, Bournemouth University, Studland House, S101, 12 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3NA and they will arrange for certified copies to be produced. The certified copy will be a photocopy of the original and will contain a signed declaration confirming its contents, and the University seal will be applied. There is no cost for this service. We can return the originals and certified copies to the same or separate addresses for you, please specify this in your covering letter. Please note: Bournemouth University is not a registered UK solicitor/public notary and please ensure that our method of certifying photocopies (and our standing as a higher education institution) meets your requirements.

Certified photocopies provided by a Solicitor/Public Notary

Any local legal practice, such as a solicitors/public notary, will be able to produce a certified copy of your original documents for you by photocopying the originals and providing a signed declaration that it is a genuine copy of the original and applying their own seal. You would need to provide the originals to them and they would charge for this service. Please note: Depending on why you need certified photocopies, please ensure that you provide the correct type e.g. sometimes it’s mandatory that a certified copy is completed by a UK Solicitor/Public Notary (and not by Bournemouth University or local legal practice).

Certified photocopies (as above) provided by the in-country British Embassy (for UK nationals living abroad)

Certified copies can be done by the in-country British Embassy for UK nationals. Please note: Depending on why you need certified photocopies, please ensure that you provide the correct type e.g. sometimes it’s mandatory that these are done by a UK Solicitor/Public Notary (and not by Bournemouth University/local legal practice/British Embassy).

Apostille/Get a document legalised

If an Apostille is required, which is recognised under the Hague Convention, then The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is the only UK organisation that can provide this and you can find more information on their website.

Please ensure that you follow the instructions as required by the FCO i.e. “Please note the education documents must be certified, signed and dated by a practising UK Solicitor/Public Notary before submission for legalisation.” Bournemouth University are not able to do this for you.

Official Transcripts (for courses that were started after 1st January 2005)

Signed/Sealed official transcripts can be purchased on our webpage and may, in some instances, be acceptable in place of a certified copy of the original degree certificate. Please ensure that an official transcript is acceptable for your purposes before placing the purchase order.

Confirmation of Award letter

If you, your employer or other institution would like direct written confirmation of your award, then a ‘Confirmation of Award’ letter can be provided either via pdf, hard copy or both to any email/address of your choosing. Please email student_verification@bournemouth.ac.uk to request the letter, providing as much information as possible about your award and any other information that may specifically be required. Please ensure that a ‘Confirmation of Award’ letter is acceptable for your purposes before emailing through the request.