FAQ 1450
Can I learn a foreign language at Bournemouth University?

There are no formal taught language courses at BU, but we run an independent language learning programme known as Languages@BU. It contains detailed self-managed learning guides in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese for complete beginners to advanced. All the supplementary audio and video files to support the course books available from the library can be accessed via links in Brightspace.

There is no extra cost involved in registering with Languages@BU and you may choose to learn more than one language from the six above. i.e. an Advanced level in one language and a Beginner level in a second language. But we do advise that you don’t become too ambitious! The key to successful independent language learning is to set yourself realistic goals. 

To register your interest go to the Languages@BU unit on Brightspace and use the sign-up form in the welcome box.